Kay Davey

“Since march I have been reaching out to all residents of Steeple.

I started a book stall, craft stall for kids and adults, gardening projects, numerous competitions ie sunflower, colouring, pumpkin carving, i collect prescriptions and shopping and I’m available to chat to anyone at anytime .
I collect food from Asda and Tesco every week for the local food bank .
It means alot to me that all my hard work has been recognised, and I can honestly say that giving my time to help people who need it at this extraordinary time, is helping me to get through as well.”

Kay’s Nomination: “Kay is an inspiration to us all – she lives in Steeple and has created some wonderful ideas to include the whole village of Steeple safe & happy during lockdown – they have created a free craft stall, book stall, plant stall, she does a weekly collection for the Dengie Food Bank – she doorsteps all houses and collects items. She has been collecting shopping and prescriptions.”

Linda Haywood

“This year as part of a team we set up the Mayland helpline before the
first lockdown. Leaflets with our contact number were dropped through
every door in our village and we manned the phones, sorting prescription
drop off’s and organising shopping for anyone that was vulnerable and
needed to stay at home. We ran this right till the end of August with
the intention to reopen if necessary.

I also delivered blood to hospitals as part of the Essex voluntary blood
service. We got extremely busy this year and I am very proud to have
played my part. This is a fantastic team that I joined early last year
that supports the NHS and Air ambulance.

I would like to say a big thank you for this nomination, it really feels
nice to be appreciated. I get involved with a lot of things but never
expect praise so this was so out of the blue and a lovely surprise.”


Linda’s Nomination: “Linda always helps out wherever she can. She is involved with the parish council and local community: planting flowers in the village; organising shopping for anyone that needs it during COVID 19; picking up and delivering prescriptions; doing blood running on her motor- bike; keeping us all supplied with essentials from her Avon business; growing veg to supply her neighbours and offering support to anyone she possibly can. She always has a smile to share and is genuinely kind. She makes the village a great place to live! She doesn’t do it for recognition or praise, but certainly deserves it!”

Samantha Tyrell

“My name is samantha Tyrrell. I’m 52 and I work in th local Tesco store. During the day I’m full time aunty to my gorgeous nephew Ronnie. When the pandemic hit and isolstion started I looked around and began to realise that there were so many people at home without any help or support. So I posted notes through neighbours doors and anyone I knew who were living alone, offering a shopping service.

I told them to hang a carrier bag on their door if they needed anything.

Each day I would collect the bags and head to morrisons on my son’s bike to collect their shopping. Kathy Vale community champion at morrisons was incredible helping me to fullfill their lists each week.

At this point I realised that there were others putting there lives on the line to help others, and although I cant save lives I wished I could do something to bring a smile to their faces, which is when I decided to start baking.

Every week supplying hospitals nursing homes doctors surgerys fire and rescues and anyone who I felt could do with a thank you, and to bring a smile. My thanks go to all my friends and family who donated the ingredients which helped me keep baking the 2000+ cupcakes.”

Samantha’s Nomination: “Samantha Tyrrell This lovely lady has spent so many hours shopping for numerous households in Maldon delicious treats to various individuals and teams including doctors surgery, broomfield hospital and a young Maldon family who lost their Dad(age about 50) to covid. All this whilst continuing to work at Tesco and look after elderly parents! She is an angel.”

Julia Rome

“I got involved very early in the pandemic as I saw a call out from The Salvation Army shop wanting ziplock bags and containers for handing out pasta etc from the food bank they were setting up. I am the cook for our local guiding group and we had just had news that our 2020 trip to Essex Jamboree was cancelled due to Covid so I had a large supply of bags to donate!
When I was dropping the supplies off, I asked if there was anything else I could do to help. Kevin Jennings asked me if I would like to be the driver emergency responder to the CVS helpline as he was the controller. I jumped at the chance to help out and almost immediately started collecting food parcels from the Salvation Army Hall and dropping them off to people in need all over the District. I also started collecting prescriptions for shielding people from almost every pharmacy in the district .
Occasionally I was sent out to bring back government boxes from households who wanted to donate them to our food bank.
On VE day myself and my husband were able to help deliver the special care packages which had been produced for the District.
When Kevin had to return to work I took on the control of the daily emergencies along with the deliveries and occasionally I went along to the hall to help set out the daily food bags etc.
I adopted several households (that had no-one nearby to help out) that needed shopping doing for them. One of these ladies I have continued to help weekly with her shopping and now now take her out for coffee and shopping every week. Along with a few of my friends we have renovated her garden and cleaned her guttering too!
I spent 2 days helping set up Braintree Hospital covid wards when St Peters patients were all moved there early on and 1 day I helped to deep clean a closed down floor of St Peters.
I really appreciated my own personal good circumstances in the lockdown time and was very happy to be able to help so many people who were not in such a good situation. Everyone was so happy to receive the food parcels/medication etc and for some it was an opportunity to just say a few words to another human as they were locked down in isolation. I enjoyed getting to know the team from CVS and ministers from the local churches involved in the helpline and hope to help out more with them in the future
Being nominated for this award is really touching as I was just happy to be able to help out, it helped my own mental attitude,being able to get out and see people for all those weeks. I didn’t take on the job with the expectation of any thanks and being recognised for the work I did is very much appreciated.”

Julia’s Nomination: “I’d like to nominate my friend Julia. From day one of the lockdown she has given hundreds of hours of volunteering time to the community of Maldon ( she volunteers with the CVS / Salvation Army) – picking up peoples prescriptions and delivering them as well as shopping for people who were shielding and delivering emergency food parcels over the past 17 weeks.”

Noeleen Fitzsimons

Noeleen’s Nomination: “This lady has so many health issues herself ,yet through lockdown has helped her elderly neighbour by taking her to the doctors, taking her shopping and helping her in whatever she needs help with (all while wearing a mask). She’s also had her grandchildren over to help her children to go back to work. This lady had worked for the NHS for many years before her illnesses. She is such a beautiful soul”

  • Unfortunately Noeleen is unable to take further part in the awards owing to a family matter. We would like to congratulate her on her nomination and wish her and her family all the very best.

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